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Pre-order 1/6 JPT Studio JPT-012 Ruthless Blade Action Figure


Full price: $369.99

370 Points
Shipping: Free to these countries est. 2.2kg
Tax: Only required for EU Orders. See amount details
Policy: Non-refundable deposit Price guarantee
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Non-refundable deposit Price guarantee


The deposit of this figure is non-refundable 7 days after the purchase.
If you pay the full price, the cancellation fee will be equal to the amount of the deposit 7 days after the purchase. Please consider this carefully before you make the purchase. 

Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —  Q1(Jan~Mar), 2025
2. The actual release time is subject to the production schedule on the supplier's end, and beyond our control. There could be a delay because of scheduling adjustments or extra time for modification to achieve the best final effect. 
3. The final product might differ slightly from the advertised effect during the pre-order phase. This situation is not applicable for return / after-sale requests.  

Packing List:

Deluxe JPT-012A configuration list
1. Metal Stand x1
2. Revealing-face head sculpture x1 (magnetic moveable eyes)
3. Candlestick magnet bar x1
4. masked head sculpture x1
5. Figure Body x1
6. Relaxed Hand Sculpture x 1 pair
7. Grip Hand x 1 pair
8. Right foot prosthetic x1
9. Outer Robe x1
10. Coverall x1
11. Lapel Cloth x 1
12. Surgical Hanging Cloth x1
13. Belt x1
14. Shoulder Armor x1
15. Rokugo Breastplate x 1
16. Left Armlet x1 string
17. Right Armor x1
18. Front Crotch Armor x1
19. Bell Bracelet x1
20. Mask x1
21. Short Knife x1
22. Flying Knife x2
23. Surgical Scissors x1
24.Tweezer Scissors x1
25.Surgical Hammer x1
26. Sheath x1
27. Double knife (large sword) x 1 set
28. Wide Blade Knife x1
29. Skeletal Weapon Set x1
30. Lance x1
31. Mannequin stand x1
Material Description: Fabric, PVC, ABS, Alloy, Copper
Standard JPT-012B configuration list
1. masked head sculpture x1
2. Figure body x1
3. Relaxed hand type x 1 pair
4. Grip hand type x 1 pair
5. Right foot prosthesis x1
6. Outer Robe x 1
7. Bodysuit x 1
8. Waist Cloth x 1
9. Surgical Cloth x1
10. Belt x1
11. Shoulder Armor x1
12. Rokujang Palace Breastplate x1
13. Left Armlet x1 String
14. Right Armor x1
15. Front Crotch Armor x1
16. Bell Bracelet x1
17. Mask x1
18. Short Knife x1
19. 7 Knives x2
20. Surgical Scissors x1
21.Forceps Scissors x1
22.Surgical hammer x1
23.Sheath x1
24.Double knife (big sword) x 1 set
25.Wide Blade Knife x1
26. Skeletal weapon set x1
27. Lance x1
28.Mannequin stand x1
Material Description: Fabric, PVC, ABS, Alloy, Copper

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