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Pre-order 1/6 Longshan LS2023-3RD Joan of Arc 2.0 Ver.3rd Action Figure

by Longshan Pre-order
310 Points
Shipping: Free to these countries est. 2.0kg
Tax: Only required for EU Orders. See amount details
Policy: Non-refundable deposit Price guarantee
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Non-refundable deposit Price guarantee


The deposit of this figure is non-refundable 7 days after the purchase.
If you pay the full price, the cancellation fee will be equal to the amount of the deposit 7 days after the purchase. Please consider this carefully before you make the purchase. 

Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —  Q2(April~June), 2024
2. The actual release time is subject to the production schedule on the supplier's end, and beyond our control. There could be a delay because of scheduling adjustments or extra time for modification to achieve the best final effect. 
3. The final product might differ slightly from the advertised effect during the pre-order phase. This situation is not applicable for return / after-sale requests.  

Packing List:

  • Anime head carving X1
  • Replace Face X4
  • TBLS36 encapsulated plastisol X1
  • Zinc alloy face armor X1
  • Zinc alloy badge X1
  • PVC waistcoat X1
  • PVC skirt armor X1
  • Zinc alloy arm ring X2
  • Zinc alloy elbow protector X2
  • Alloy Hand Protector X2
  • Glove Hand X4
  • Zinc alloy leg ring X2
  • Zinc alloy leg armor X2
  • Zinc alloy boots X2
  • Dress X1
  • Underwear X1
  • Sleeve X2
  • Long leg socks X2
  • Zinc alloy sword X1
  • Sword Sheath X1
  • Zinc alloy long gun X1
  • Battle Flag X1
  • Support X1

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