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Pre-order VF toys 1/6th scale Iron-man MK47 Helmet Mask (VF07#)

by VF Toys

About Iron Man

Tony Stark was arogant son of wealthy weapon manufacturer Howard Stark who cared only about himself. This changed when he had a change of heart after he was kidnapped by terrorists and gravely injured. Stark was pressured to create a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he created a suit of power armor to escape. Tony uses his vast resources and intellect to make the world a better place as Invincible Iron Man. His super hero identity led him to become the founding member of the Avengers.

  • Portrayed by:Robert Downey Jr.
  • Story:The avengers

Pre-order information

  • This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —Q1~Q2, 2018
  • We would arrange shipping for you as soon as we receive the first batch from our supplier. 
  • Before you place a pre-order, please note that there are times that the release time provided by the supplier gets delayed. Under this situation, please understand that this is unfortunately not in our hands. We are not always aware of the delays ahead of time. 
  • But we promise that we would try our best to keep you informed of the most recent information we share from our supplier by communicating with them from time to time. We would be responsible for the transaction with you till the parcel has arrived in your hands safely.

About the product:

  • Brand New. Shipping with a tracking number.
  • Scale: 1/6. Just for 1/6 scale high-end action figure customizing.
  • Details: Please see the description photos. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact us.

Packing list

Especially designed for HT 1/6 MK47, could connect with MK47& MK46 perfectly. The painting also fits well.


  • 1 * Helmet with magnets
Pre-order giveaway:
  • 1 * Pair of glasses for Tony