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In-stock 1/6 SOLDIER STORY Male Figure Body SSA-001 V6.0 A/B/C

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In-stock for despatch 100% Original

About 1/6 Body:

1. This is 1/6 scale figure body, fully articulated and highly flexible for customizing 1/6 scale figures.
2. This product only includes the body and its accessories, head sculpt is not included.

Packing List:

1/6 Movable Body
New S6.0 movable body (more than 38 movable joints)
Cylindrical Neck Attachment
Flat Top Neck Attachment
Neck Attachment
Weapon Grip Plain Hands (Pair)
Relaxed Hands (Pair)
Fist Plain Hands (Pair)
Hand Grip (Right Hand)
Open Hand (Left Hand) *A Specialized Pieces
Muscle Building Thigh Sleeves (Pair)
Foot Attachment - Standard Length (Pair)
Foot Attachment - Reduced Length (Pair)
Barefoot Plates (pair)

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