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Pre-order 1/6 Soldier Story SSG009 The Division 2 Heather Ward Action Figure

by SoldierStory Pre-order

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Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —  Q3(July~September),2024
2. The actual release time is subject to the production schedule on the supplier's end, and beyond our control. There could be a delay because of scheduling adjustments or extra time for modification to achieve the best final effect. 
3. The final product might differ slightly from the advertised effect during the pre-order phase. This situation is not applicable for return / after-sale requests.   

Packing List:

The Division 2 “Heather Ward Agent” rooted hair headsculpt

S1.0 female full articulated action body (over 38 articulations)
Seamless bendable arm (1 Pair)

Heather Ward short sleeve tactical shirt
Weathered jeans
Inner vest
Sewing hiking boot (1 Pair)

Agent oxygen mask
Tactical body armor
Dark grey flash bang trigger pouch (short) x 2
Tan flash bang trigger pouch (long) x 3
BTV-EL flash bang x 2
Flash bang x 3
Flare gun pouch
Flare gun ammo (red)
Flare gun ammo (white)
Flare gun ammo holder
Signal flare gun (orange color)
Single 5.56mm quick-detach magazine pouch
Plastic carabiner (tan)
Carabiner (red)
Web clip (tan)
Drop leg molle panel
Pistol holster
Single 9mm magazine pouch x 2
Drop leg triple 5.56 magazine pouch
Medic pouch
ISAC brick
Smart watch
Agent arm pouch
Backpack frame
Backpack frame cover
Backpack frame holder
Backpack strap (tan) x 2
Document hard case
Connecting strap
Rigger belt
Leather war belt (genuine leather)
Leather belt pad (genuine leather)
40mm grenade bandolier
Elbow pad (1 Pair)
Knee pad (1 Pair)
Gaiter (1 Pair)
Gloved hand x 3

Lightweight M4 (5.56)
5.56mm 30rd steel magazine
5.56mm 30rd PMAG x 4
ACOG 4x32 scope
RVG foregrip
MBUS flip up front sight
MBUS flip up rear sight
LA5 laser pointer
LA5 remote switch
2 point rifle sling
Sling holder
M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher (6 shot grenade gun)
M2A1 Reflex sight
Grenade gun foregrip
M433 HEDP 40mm grenade x 9
40mm grenade sling
Grenade sling pad
M9 9mm pistol
9mm 15rd magazine x 3
The Division 2 Stinger Hives

Exclusive The Division 2 “Demolitionist” action figure stand

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