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JIAOU DOLL 1/6 Female Body 10C Collection

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About Body:

1. This is 1/6 scale figure body, fully articulated and highly flexible for customizing 1/6 scale figures.
2. This product only includes the body and its accessories, head sculpt is not included. 
3. When posing any articulated body, please make sure you find the right direction and test the flexible range before you bend any articulation, in case of product damage.


All bodies have detachable feet, and mid bust. The difference is in skin tone. 

JOQ-10C-WS White Skin
JOQ-10C-BS Wheaten Skin
JOQ-10C-YS Natural Skin
JOQ-10C-BM Brown Skin
JOQ-10C-PM Pink Skin
JOQ-10C-PS Black Skin

Product Set :

1x Female Body ( without head )
1x Display Stand
1x Bikini
4x Neck Joints
4x Pair Hands
3x Set Foot

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