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In-stock TBLeague Phicen 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan

by TBLeague In-stock
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In-stock for despatch 100% Original


TM01A and TM02A,NEW 1/12th scale male seamless figures (both with head sculpt):Both are of athletic build. 
TM01A stands 15.3cm tall, well-proportioned, less muscular and has smoother lines. 
TM01B 16.3 cm, bulkier and muscles more prominent and has good muscle definition. 

Packing List: 

1)  1 × 1/12 super flexible male seamless body  
2)  1 × headsculpt 
2)  4 pairs × interchangeable hands  
3)  1 pair × removable flat-heeled feet 
4)  1 × boxer brief 

1 product/individual box 
Measurements: 16cm * 9.05cm *3.43cm 

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